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Max Holloway Autographed UFC Glove w/ Inscription - JSA

Max Holloway Autographed UFC Glove w/ Inscription - JSA

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Capture the spirit of the Octagon with the Max Holloway Autographed UFC Glove, featuring a personalized inscription, certified by JSA (James Spence Authentication). This exclusive collector's piece commemorates the skill and prowess of Max "Blessed" Holloway, showcasing his signature on an authentic UFC glove along with a unique inscription.

Max Holloway, a former UFC Featherweight Champion, has become synonymous with thrilling performances and unforgettable moments in mixed martial arts. This autographed UFC glove, adorned with a personalized inscription, is a tribute to Holloway's impact on the sport and is a coveted item for dedicated UFC enthusiasts and collectors.

The JSA certification ensures the authenticity of the autograph, providing confidence and assurance to fans and collectors. Display this autographed UFC glove proudly in your home, office, or MMA memorabilia collection, and let it stand as a lasting symbol of Max Holloway's excellence and contributions to the world of professional fighting.