Security is committed to providing the highest level of online security for your e-commerce transactions. You can rest easy knowing that we have invested in the following security measures:

  • An E-Commerce shopping cart platform that has been certified through the Visa Payment Application Best Practice (PABP) assessment*
  • Verified by Visa®/MasterCard® 3-D secure in the US and U.K. for selected gateways

In addition, we’ve implemented the following security practices:

  • SSL encryption for secure ordering
  • IP address tracking (For safety and auditing, IP addresses are logged)
  • AVS (Address Verification) reporting from gateways in all orders
  • Integrated MaxMind Geolocation Fraud Detection (requires optional MaxMind account)
  • Require periodic password changes
  • Password Salting + Hashing
  • CAPTCHA Image login protection (protects against automated BOT login attacks)
  • All password change operations logged
  • RegEx AppConfig control over strength of passwords required for store logins and admin logins
  • Support for dynamic encryption key changes via admin site
  • Store admin specified encryption salting – every order record contains a separate encryption key
  • Encrypted database connection strings in web.config files
  • Secured password protected Store Administrator Control Panel
  • (Windows Smart Client) Integrated .net security roles and support
  • In addition to in-house testing, our storefront has had Independent Security Audits Performed

Our assessment included checks for:

  • Secure coding practices and encryption
  • Validating parameter length that could lead to a buffer overflow
  • Various buffer overflows
  • Cookie manipulation/cookie poisoning
  • SQL injections
  • Cross-site scripting attacks
  • Misconfigured servers
  • Man-in-the-Middle attacks using a Web proxy
  • SSL version hacking

If there is any concern about the security of your transaction on, please contact

* PABP certification indicates adherence to strict security policy and procedural guidelines outlined by VISA/MasterCard to help ensure PCI compliance in your installation. Our storefront worked with one of the best independent VISA/MasterCard approved auditing firms for our certification. PABP release fully tested in PCI compliant environment for VISA/MasterCard Certification.